Black Pug Lures

Craig Hatcher purchased Kingfisher Lures several years ago and kept the original spinner types. But he has greatly increased the spinner models and available colors and eventually renamed the company Black Pug Lures.

Craig constantly makes and tests new models and has come up with some very effective colors that are not yet well known. He has also recently started developing spinners for use out of boats that work far better than do spinners designed to be cast from the bank.

Black Pug Lures are made in Coos Bay and are tested on and have proven very effective on area streams. Craig tests every new product and every new color scheme to ensure that they work on the waters in his marketing area – and his lures have proven to be able to stand up to hitting rocks and other forms of spinner abuse that other spinners cannot withstand.

In the photos below, the first photo is of Craig taking some anglers out into Coos Bay to test a new product and the results of the test. The second photo is of Craig Hatcher holding up a nice salmon that struck one of his spinners sporting a new color pattern. Black Pub Lures are available in most independent tackleshops in the area.

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