Overlooked Waldport-Area Fishery

Located less than three miles east of Waldport on the south side of the Alsea River Highway, 45 acre Eckman Lake gets very little fishing pressure – except when it receives one of its frequent trout plants.

The view from the walkway of the fishing dock at Eckman Lake. The Alsea River Highway runs along the left side of the photo.

However, this very shallow lake also contains brown bullhead catfish and largemouth bass and although they are not overly abundant they are capable of reaching good size. Eckman once held the Oregon state record for brown bullheads with a fish weighing more than two pounds. Oregon has since decided to lump all of its bullhead catfish species (black, brown and yellow) into a single category.

Eckman also prduces a few really big largemouth bass with fish weighing at least nine pounds being taken in past years. Much of the lake is too shallow to hold decent bass and the best bass water is along the Alsea River Highway. If bass angler enjoys the challenge of tough fishing for potentially big bass, Eckman Lake would be a good choice.

Although Eckman does not have a boat ramp, it does have a fishing dock and a restroom and they are located on the northwest portion of the lake only a few feet from the Alsea River Highway.

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