Overlooked Fishing Spots Around Toledo, Oregon

In spite of there being limited warmwater fishing opportunities for Toledo area there is a hidden, almost completely overlooked section on the relatively popular freshwater fishing spot – Olalla Reservoir.

Olalla is a fairly deep, more than 100 acre fishing spot located about four miles north of Toledo and receives frequent plantss of various-sized rainbow trout and surplus steelhead and virtually all of the fishing pressure is directed at the trout.

However, Olalla is a very good fishing spot for warmwater gamefish. The lake has produced largemouth bass weighing more than ten pounds and some of the yellow perch are good-sized as well. Bluegills are less common and usually top out around seven to eight inches. Although there have been reports of brown bullhead and crappie catches, they are rare, if present at all, and anglers should not count on catching them.

One of the best sections of Olalla to fish for warmwater fish about five acres of relatively shallow water located just beyond the end of Olalla’s east arm. There is a narrow strip of clay about five yards wide that separates this water from the main lake and the two are connected by a fairly deep culvert.

The only way to properly fish this overlooked spot is to drag a small boat or float tube across the strip of land connecting the two spots and the best early spring bass fishing on Olalla Reservoir usually occurs in this spot.

Unfortunately, due to vandalism, Olalla Lake is only usable by the public during daylight hours.

This view is of the “disconnected” section that is almost completely overlooked on Olalla Reservoir.

Another very much overlooked Toledo-area fishing spot is Olalla Slough adjacent to Toledo. In the past, this slough produced largemouth bass, brown bullheads and there were reports of other warmwater fish species. Occasionally, rainbow and cutthroat trout would enter the catch. Now, almost completely unfished, there are almost certainly warmwater fish still present that are big enough to interest anglers – if they were aware of the fishery.

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