Diamond Lake Ice Fishing Primer

By the time you are reading this, Diamond Lake should be offering some of Oregon’s finest icefishing. But one needs to make certain that the lake is safe to venture out on.

Some of the most productive fishing on Diamond Lake is on the south end near where Silent Creek and Short Creek enter the lake. These streams are spring fed and offer cooler water during most of the year, but warmer water during the winter months. Because the water temperature of these streams varies little during the year, the ice is often thinner than on most of the northern portion of the lake. Anglers could easily encounter life-threatening trouble should they venture out on the lake near the mouths of these streams.

Diamond’s early season icefishing this year may be some of the best winter fishing the lake is going to offer. Of course, ODFW stocking policies may determine future fish populations and angling success. If the stocking policies remain unchanged, the lake’s fish population should stabilize at a somewhat reduced level as it now has to deal with year round angling pressure.

Regardless, Diamond should be a popular winter trout fishing destination as the trout grow fast and few Oregon fishing lakes offer the amenities available at the lake.


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