Jerry Wiest Returning to Southwest Oregon

Jerry Wiest, after several years of living in Mountain Home, Arkansas is returning to Coos Bay, Oregon. It took him several years to admit it, but even such “outdoorsy” places as Mountain Home have a difficult time measuring up to the outdoor opportunities available in western Coos and Douglas counties.

Jerry stopped by the Stockade Market (Winchester Bay) last week and revealed that he had arranged to rent a house in western Coos Bay and was returning to Mountain Home to get the rest of his belongings and planned on being back in Coos Bay by the end of January.

Although he looked good, Jerry revealed that he had some serious health problems, but he planned on restarting his crab ring-making business – and Jerry’s crab rings were widely regarded as the best ones available when he was making them out of “Stuff N’Things” in the Empire district of Coos Bay.

Let’s hope that Jerry’s health holds up and he once again starts making his crab rings and other fishing-related items. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing him on a semi-regular basis.

Jerry Wiest of “Stuff N’ Things” fame.


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