Umpqua River Still Producing Steelhead

The Umpqua River has dropped and cleared to the point where it’s offering fair to good steelhead fishing. However, a major plus for Umpqua River anglers is the chance to incidentally catch several other fish species while fishing for winter steelhead.

Although it is still early, spring chinook salmon are in the river and have entered the catch. Several times each decade, spring chinook weighing 50 or more.

But late spring anglers fishing the Umpqua River also have a chance to catch such other fish as striped bass, american shad, or smallmouth bass while using steelhead or salmon gear.

According to Bryan Gill of The Umpqua Angler, incidental smallmouth catches are becoming more common. Pictured is Lane Plumb of Drain with his best ever smallmouth taken on an Umpqua steelhead trip with Bryan Gill/The Umpqua Angler.

Another Umpqua River steelhead – photo courtesy of Bryan Gill – “The Umpqua Angler”.


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