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For quite some time, there has been an ongoing disagreement between the Clamdigger’s Association of Oregon and several govermental agencies regarding the management and testing of shellfish from Oregon’s coastal waters and from Coos Bay in particular.

I consider Bill Lackner, the president and founder of association (CDA), one of the most knowledgeable people I know on subjects related the Oregon outdoors – especially when it comes to matters regarding Oregon’s shellfish. Ifeel that many of the CDA’s concerns are valid and so far, have not been addressed in any transparent sort of way by the agencies that should be addressing these concerns.

In fact, some of these agencies have treated the CDA, and Bill Lackner in particular, in a manner that has been blatently disrespectful.

Perhaps they hope that Bill, and the CDA, will, at some point, simply go away.

But despite Bill’s poor health, I am very doubtful that will happen.

Instead, these agencies shoud start addressing the CDA’s concerns (in a transparent way) and “bragging up” the properly administered test results that pass and start addressing or dealing with the ones that don’t.

In the long run – and I’m not talking that long, the shellfish fom Coos Bay could be held in higher esteem than they are now.

In all fairness to Coos Bay, it has some areas of concern that few other coastal communities have to deal with.
(1) – Heavy industrialization; (2) – Frequent visits from ocean-going ships and pretty much only (3) – tidal currents to flush the bay.

While the reality of the situation may be somewherte between the two opposing viewpoints – here is a list of  the CDA’s recommendations regarding shellfish from Coos Bay.

(A) – Do not eat the clams or mussels taken from Coos Bay. That being said:

B) – Do not eat softshell clams taken from Coos Bay.

(C) – Do not eat either the clams or mussels taken from the docks and piling anywhere from Coos Bay

(D) – If you dig clams from Coos Bay only dig them from tidal areas north of the Charleston Bridge to a line crossing the bay above Clam Island.

(E) – If you eat the clams taken from Coos Bay discard everything except the neck.

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