Oregon Fish And Wildlife Commission To Hear About Wolf Population March 6th In Salem

The Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet Friday, March 6 in Salem to be briefed on the 2014 Annual Wolf Report.

The meeting at ODFW Headquarters (4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem), begins at 8 a.m. and follows this agenda.

ODFW documented 77 known wolves in Oregon in 2014, including 26 pups which survived through the end of the year. Eight of Oregon’s nine known wolf packs were “breeding pairs,” meaning they had at least two pups born in spring that survived through the end of the year. More details are available in the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management 2014 Annual Report.

The Commission will also be asked to appoint a Landowner Representative to the Access and Habitat statewide board and approve continued funding for several A&H projects that provide public hunting access to private land.

The Commission will also consider funding $755,093 for 14 enhancement and one restoration projects recommended by the Fish Restoration and Enhancement Board. The Commission also will be asked to approve a combined 2015-17 budget for the R&E and Salmon Trout Enhancement programs.

The Commission is the policy-making body for fish and wildlife issues in the state. People wanting to testify about issues not on the formal agenda may do so by making arrangements with the ODFW Director’s Office, at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting, by calling 800-720-6339 or 503-947-6044. Testimony for issues not on the agenda is held Friday morning, immediately following the expenditure report.

Reasonable accommodations will be provided as needed for individuals requesting assistive hearing devices, sign language interpreters or large-print materials. Individuals needing these types of accommodations may call the ODFW Director’s Office at 800-720-6339 or 503-947-6044 at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

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