First Umpqua River Surfperch Catches Reported

While the much anticipated late spring Umpqua River pinkfin run is not yet fully underway, it is on the verge of doing so. Over the last week, several anglers have reported catches of one to three perch and while none of the anglers reporting perch catches employed electronics, it is safe to assume that the numbers of perch on their spawning grounds upriver of Winchester Bay is still low.

That could change quickly, however, and currently, the supply of sand shrimp, the preferred bait for the spawning perch is good. When the run is well underway, fresh sand shrimp (ghost shrimp in California) is hard to find as suppliers cannot keep up with demand.

While a boat is necessary to effectively target the spawning female redtailed surfperch in the first two miles of the Umpqua River above Winchester Bay, the male perch tend to remain along coastal beaches and can be targeted by bank anglers fishing the surf.

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