Oregon Fishing Update

Last week, Pacific herring have entered Coos and Yaquinna bays.

Pacific herring showed up in Yaquina Bay and Coos Bay in large numbers last week, which means they could be entering the other estuaries as well. It’s spawning time and schools of this important forage fish may come and go throughout the season. Jigging for herring is a great way to introduce kids to fishing. Use a multiple-hook herring jig from a dock or pier. Many anglers catch herring this time of year to use as halibut bait; salmon, on the other hand, prefer a higher-quality(firmer) herring found in bays later in the year.

Columbia River walleye fishing has recently been very good.
Fishery managers rated walleye fishing as “good to outstanding” based on recent Columbia River creel surveys showing some excellent catch rates. Anglers generally target big walleye early in the season (Feb.-March) and larger numbers of smaller fish later on and into the summer on the Columbia River above The Dalles and John Day dams. Recent creel showed 215 anglers with a kept catch of 429 walleye – no info on walleyes caught and released.

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