WDFW News – Governor Signs Bill To Create Steelhead License Plate.

Gov. Jay Inslee today signed legislation that will help fund efforts to conserve wild steelhead populations in Washington through the sale of license plates featuring an image of the state’s iconic fish in the background.

Senate Bill 6200, requested by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), was supported by conservationists and fishing enthusiasts.

The department collected signatures from more than 4,000 people who expressed interest in buying steelhead specialty license plates when the plates are available next year, said Kelly Cunningham, deputy assistant director of WDFW’s Fish Program.

“This steelhead plate has generated a lot of enthusiasm from a wide variety of people,” Cunningham said. “We’re grateful to have another source of funding to help with our wild steelhead conservation efforts.”

In much of Washington, wild steelhead are listed for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act. WDFW is currently taking several actions to restore those populations to sustainable levels, including measures that guide fisheries management, hatchery operations, monitoring and habitat-restoration programs.

For more information on the steelhead license plate, visit WDFW’s website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/license_plates/steelhead/

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