Offshore Bottomfish Open Through March 2017.

Offshore bottomfishing is productive and open through March of 2017 when it will only be open at depths less than 30 fathoms (180 feet).

Beginning on January 1st, there will be a number of changes regarding bottomfishing. The changes are listed on the ODFW website under marine resources. They include:
Any vessel fishing for, or possessing, bottomfish in the ocean must have a functional descending device onboard, and use when releasing any rockfish outside of 30 fathoms. Functional descending device means one that is ready to be used. There are a variety of commercially available descending devices, ranging in price from $5 to $60. Additionally some anglers have developed homemade devices.

Information on rockfish recompression and descending devices including videos
Bag Limits or Sub-Bag Limits

Marine fish (rockfish, greenlings, skates, rays, etc.) remains at 7 fish per day.

Of the 7-fish marine daily bag limit, no more than the number below are allowed:

NEW— 6 black rockfish
NEW— 4 blue/deacon, China, copper, or quillback rockfish combined
Not new— 1 cabezon during open season (July 1- December 31)
NEW— There is no longer a sub-bag limit for canary rockfish.

Not new— Lingcod 2 fish per day

Not new— Flatfish species, other than Pacific halibut, 25 fish per day. Skates and rays, although flat, are not included in this group; rather, they fall under the 7-fish marine bag limit.

Minimum Length Limits

NEW— Greenling = none
Not new— Lingcod = 22 inches
Not new— Cabezon = 16 inches

Cari Garner hooked up with a dandy lingcod fishing with Jamie Standifer out of Winchester Bay in December 2016

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