Mega Poaching Wisconsin Style

Stanley Paalksnis, an Onalaska resident, is looking at losing his fishing privileges for 12 years and fines of $24,683 along with having his fishing boat seized for illegally poaching more than 2,500 panfish. The sentencing is to occur in the near future.

Mr. Paalksnis, aged 74 had his boat and home recently searched by Wisconsin DNR in November 2015 and the wardens seized over 2,500 panfish. The mixed bag included bluegills, crappies and perch putting the man well over the possession limits for each type. Paalksnis also confessed to the illegal sale of fish in Chicago, where he was selling bags for 5 dollars over a 20 year period.

Paalksnis’s biggest mistake was not practicing his unsportsmanlike fishing in the Pacific Northwest on the Columbia River where Washington and Oregon have recently removed all limits on spiny ray fish species.

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