WDFW News – WDFW Adjusts Sport Oyster Seasons On Several Public Beaches.

Action: The sport oyster fishing seasons will be modified on identified public beaches based on results from population, harvest and effort assessments.

Effective Dates: March 1, 2017, until further notice.

Species affected: All oysters.

Location: Indian Island County Park, Oyster Reserves – North Bay, Penrose State Park, Port Gamble Heritage Park, Potlatch State Park, Potlatch DNR tidelands and Quilcene Tidelands.

Reason for action: To align clam and oyster seasons, WDFW is extending the oyster season at Indian Island County Park, Oyster Reserves – North Bay, Port Gamble Heritage Park, Potlatch State Park and Potlatch DNR tidelands and shortening the season at Penrose Point State Park.

A shift in season timing is recommended for Oyster Reserves – North Bay to reduce user group conflicts and increased pressure on infrastructure at the access site.

The existing hours of darkness harvest restriction at Quilcene Bay Tidelands is no longer necessary; there is no conservation or management need to limit the hours of harvest.

Other information: The following are the season openings and closings for the identified beaches:

Indian Island County Park/Lagoon Beach: From the jetty boundary with Port Townsend Ship Canal east to the beach access stairs on Flagler Road near milepost 4. Open Aug. 15 through Sept. 30 only.
Oyster Reserves – North Bay: State-owned oyster reserves and contiguous state-owned tidelands south and east of the powerline crossing are open Sept. 1 through Dec. 31 only.
Penrose Point State Park: Open March 1 through April 30 only.
Port Gamble Heritage Park Tidelands: Open year-round.
Potlatch DNR tidelands: Open April 1 through Aug. 31 only.
Potlatch State Park: Open April 1 through Aug. 31 only.
Quilcene Tidelands: Open April 1 through Dec. 31, with no restrictions on hours of harvest.
Information Contact: Camille Speck, WDFW Port Townsend Office, (360) 302-3030 ext. 313

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