Mardon Resort / Potholes Reservoir Fishing Report.

The fishing on the Potholes Reservoir has been good over this past week for all species. The water level has dropped about 12 inches this week this week and is currently at 1040.00 feet. Water temperatures in the dunes remain in the low to mid 70’s and the main lake is running right around 70 degrees.
The trout fishing continues to be strong for fish in the 2-5-pound range. The trout are shifting depths and spreading out through the water column. Keep an eye on your depth sounder and adjust your presentation to the depth of marked fish. If you do not have a depth finder – adjust the depth of your lure until the fish let you know you got it right. Anglers have been trolling Rooster Tails, long lining Flicker Minnows, and Needle fish in 15-30 feet of water from the MarDon Resort to the State Park, along Medicare Beach, and up the Lind Coulee.
With the water level remaining fairly high, the walleye remain in bush in the dunes and Crab Creek where the fry and perch are. They are still relating to the brush and weed beds in 8-15 feet of water Shad Raps, Smile Blade – Slow Death Rigs, and Wally Pops have been the top producers. Top colors are orange and chartreuse, and perch patterned crankbaits. The fish can be concentrated – so if you find one – work that area thoroughly before moving on.
Crappie fishing has remained steady this week with reports of big crappie coming from the Lind Coulee and off beaver huts back in the dunes. Top crappie baits have been the Trout Magnet in brown, the 2” Kalin’s Triple Threat grub in Bleeding Tennessee Shad, and standard crappie jigs. The Rapala Rattlin’ rap in size RNR-04 continues to account for several good catches. The best crappie bait off the MarDon dock has been the brown Trout Magnet tipped with a maggot. Perch and bluegill are being caught of the dock on worms and crappie jigs. Dock fishing is only available to registered guests staying at MarDon Resort.
Largemouth fishing in the dunes continues to be very good. The fish are hitting swimbaits – Texas rigged for the brush on a weighted hook, spinnerbaits, and a ½ oz. jig and craw trailer pitched to the edges of cover. The smallmouth are hitting Flicker Shads, tubes, and drop-shotting DS Minnows along the face of the dam in 6-18 feet of water. Topwater fishing is picking up with the warmer water temps and is an exciting way to fish. Throw a buzz bait, Whopper Plopper, or Zara Spook for some explosive topwater action.
Long Lake and Heart Lake have been the top producing lakes for trout in the Seep Lakes this week. Power Bait and worms floated off the bottom and crankbaits have been the top baits. Long Lake has been producing walleye, smallmouth and trout on crankbaits. Hutchinson Lake continues to produce quality crappie and bluegill on crappie jigs, Don’s Crappie Spin, and Rapala Rattlin’ Raps.
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Sullivan Eccles with a nice Largemouth bass he caught on a grub while fishing the face of the dam on the Reservoir.

Paul Yerkes was trolling in the Lind Coulee when he caught this big 7.20 pound walleye! Paul was tolling a Smile Blade/Slow Death Hook combo.

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