Potholes Reservoir / Mardon Resort Recreation Report

The water level continues to rise and the water temperature is holding in the mid to lower 40’s on the Potholes Reservoir. The current water level is 1038.94 – .79 feet higher than this time last week. The Reservoir is expected to rise between .75 and 1.00 feet per week.
More anglers fished the Reservoir this week and were rewarded with nice catches of walleye and trout. The humps between Goose Island and Crab Creek are producing walleye up to 7 pounds. Best bet is to blade bait the humps in 20 feet in the morning moving to 35-40 feet as the day goes on. Fish ½ oz. blade baits in either silver or gold, or troll crawler harnesses on a 2-oz. bottom walker. The face of the dam is producing walleye, smallmouth and trout. Crankbaits, swimbaits, dropshot baits, and football heads with skirted hula grubs and blade baits are the top baits on the dam. Medicare Beach is producing is producing nice trout both from the beach with Power Bait and from a boat trolling Flicker Shads.
This week has been decent for both duck and goose hunters. The Northern mallards are trickling in. Mallards, Teal and Widgeon the main birds being taken. There are opportunities for geese in the fields as well. Mostly little birds right now, but numbers are good.

Left to Right Jason Groskreutz, Rob Wysong, Payton Wyson, and Josh Plante of Spokane show a great morning’s catch of Potholes Reservoir walleye. They used 1/2 oz blade baits in 20-35 feet of water.

Part of the Bowers party from Chehalis with several birds they got on a guided goose hunt with Levi Meseberg. The party ended up with 49 ducks and 14 geese! Call the MarDon Store for more information on guided hunts.

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