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It’s getting to be the time of year for Oregon’s fishing and outdoor recreation shows. I am going to mention them in chronlogical order. Since all of the shows are informative and entertaining – it will be up to you to visit their respective websites for additional information.. Since the shows’ tickets seem to get more expensive every year, I encourage you to use discount tickets (Bi-Mart) and make sure to sign up for “free stuff” like the one-year subscription to “Northwest Sportsman” which is available at some of the shows.

February 2nd – 4th
KEZI EUGENE Boat and Sportsmen’s Show
at 796 W 13th Ave, Eugene (Lane Events Center)

Feb. 7th – 11th
Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show
at the Portland Expo Center
2060 North Marine Dr, Portland,

February 16th – 18th
Roseburg Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreation Show
at the Douglas County Fairgrounds
2110 Frear St, Roseburg

Feb. 23rd – 25th
KVRD Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreational Show
Jackson County Fairgrounds
1 Peninger Rd, Central Point

March 1st – 4th
Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show
Deschutes County Fairgrounds
3800 SE Airport Way, Redmond

The trout stocking schedules for the first three months of 2018 are now posted for the Northwest Zone, Coos/Coquille, Rogue, and Umpqua and South Coast districts and North Willamette and South Willamette areas. The ODFW will post the schedules for the rest of the state as soon as they are available.

The first trout plant in the Umpqua Zone will be at Cooper Creek Reservoir during the last week in January and will consist of 1,155 14-inch rainbow trout and 345 15-inch or larger rainbows. Loon Lake’s first plant will take place the last week of February and will consist of 1,500 legal rainbows. Lake Marie’s first trout plant will take place during the second week of March and will consist of 2,000 legal rainbows.

The Coos County lakes will begin receiving planted trout during the last week of February and Bradley Lake, Johnson Mill Pond, Powers Pond and Saunders Lake will each receive 3,000 legal trout.

Many Florence-area lakes will receive this year’s initial trout plants during the week beginning Feb. 5th which includes Alder Lake (850 legals, 100 12-inchers and 36 15-inchers); Buck Lake (36 15-inchers); Carter Lake (750 12-inchers); Cleawx Lake (3,000 legals, 450 12-inchers and 150 15-inchers); Dunes Lake (850 legals and 36 15-inchers); Lost Lake (500 12-inchers); Munsel Lake (1,500 12-inchers and 150 15-inchers); Perkins Lake (36 15-inchers) and Siltcoos Lagoon (425 legals and 35 15-inchers).

In a trend that seems sure to build or increase, the ODFW has begun buying some of the trout they plant from private hatcheries. Some of these hatcheries raise high quality fish, but I hope that dealing with profit-seeking ventures does not result in even smaller or fewer trout being planted.

Possibly because it’s pretty much the only coastal lake being targeted by bass anglers, Tenmile Lakes has been providing slow to fair bass fishing over the last couple of weeks. As for yellow perch, fishing has been slow, but since they will be spawning over the next six weeks, it should be the best time of the year to catch fat, egg-laden female perch weighing more than a pound.

Very rough ocean and surf conditions have temporarily halted surfperch fishing. The steep dropoffs along many beaches make it very difficult to retreat a sufficient distance from a rogue wave and jetties and shoreline rocks are dangerousn as well. There was a wave-related fatality last week at Depoe Bay.

Possibly the best free fishing show in our area, the “Flyfishing Expo” put on by the Lower Umpqua Flycasters, will take place at the Reedsport Community Center on Saturday, Feb. 24th between 9 am and 3 pm.

A “Fishing and Conservation” class will be available for the Reedsport Charter School students who sign up for it. The class, organized by Steve Godin of “The Oregon Coast Anglers”, will be a series of nine classes with the first class being on Jan. 23rd and the final class being on Feb. 2nd. One of the OCA’S upcoming projects will be to place as many as 200 of the discarded Christmas trees they have collected into Camp Creek to improve habitat for young steelhead and salmon. The ODFW and students from the Reedsport Charter School will assist with the project.

Spring halibut season for the central Oregon coast will be the topic of Jan. 30 meeting in Newport. The OCA will continue efforts to get separate, but reasonable halibut quotas instead of being lumped in with the Newport area.

Pete Heley works parttime at the Stockade Market & Tackle, across from ‘A’ Dock, in Winchester Bay where he is more than happy to swap fishing info with anyone.

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