Ford’s Pond Bassfishing

Tried for some bass and panfish at Ford’s Pond earlier this week. The previous week, the bass spawn was winding down, but there were some large bass still on, or near, their spawning sites.

As usual, the crappie and bluegill were difficult to find, but the fishing for largemouth bass was fair – especially when we first started slightly after 7 am. Dwayne Schwartz got a three pounder on a buzz bait in the first five minutes, but the next several bass averaged slightly over a pound. An earlier start would have increased our chance at hooking larger bass.

The shallow weedy 90 acre pond can get quite warm and the bottom is covered with weeds reaching to the surface or nearly to the surface and a buzz bait is an effective lure for this bass fishery. A plastic worm, rigged completely weedless, would be another good lure choice.

The yellow perch and smallmouth bass, that were very much in evidence last year, seemed to have disappeared.

The extensive submerged brush near the pond’s south shoreline seems like ideal crappie habitat, but is difficult to fish.

Pete Heley holds up a typical Ford’s Pond largemouth taken on a buzz bait.

Just south of, but disconnected from Ford’s Pond, is s much smaller pond that also contains bass and panfish and can be fished by those walking the land just south of Ford’s Pond.

At any rate, it’s good to have Ford’s Pond as a fishing option – thanks to the city of Sutherland purchasing it from private ownership. Due to the warm, shallow, very weedy water, trout will not be stocked, but there may be improved parking and a fishing dock in the pond’s future.

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