Oregon Halibut Update

Halibut Update through week 19 (May 13)

Columbia River Subarea

All-Depth—CLOSED, not enough quota remains for additional openings.

Nearshore—there have been no landings in the Columbia River Subarea nearshore fishery yet. The remaining quota from the all-depth season has been added to the initial quota for a total of 1,217 lbs. Also beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, May 24, the nearshore fishery will be open 7 days per week until the quota is caught, or September 30, whichever is earlier.

Central Oregon Coast Subarea

Spring All-Depth season— through the first opener, May 10-12, the total landings are 6,194 pounds. This leaves 129,548 pounds or 95.4% of the spring all-depth quota remaining. The remaining “fixed” openings are May 24-26, June 7-9, and June 21-23.

Weather for the first set of fixed dates was not ideal and limited effort. For those that did make it out, fishing was reported to be a bit scratchy, with average success rate approximately 50%. Coastwide the average size was approximately 23 pounds round weight per fish.

Summer All-Depth Season—opens August 3-4, if quota remaining, can be open every other Friday and Saturday.

Nearshore Season— opens June 1, seven days per week; however June 1-3 are all-depth days, so the all-depth regulations have to be followed (no retention of most species of groundfish).

South of Humbug Mountain subarea—there has been a total of 90 pounds landed. This leaves 8,892 pounds (99 %) of the quota remaining.

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