Coos County Word Search

1- Largest lake in Coos County.
2 – Southernmost incorporated city in Coos County.
3 – Second largest city in Coos County.
4 – Coos County’s largest gambling venue.
5 – Southwest portion of Dunes NRA.
6 – Coos County’s easternmost incorporated city.
7 – Tenmile Creek’s largest tributary.
8 – Coos County’s most northern incorporated city.
9 – Most southwestern district of Coos Bay.
10 – Second largest lake in Coos County.
11 – Largest lake (surface acreage when full) in the southern portion of the Dunes NRA.
12 – Unincorporated community between Lakeside and North Bend.
13 – Small lake that drains into Eel Lake.
14 – Lake adjacent to the park that was once known as the Riley Ranch.
15 – ATV area located on lower Tenmile Creek.
16 – Third largest lake in Coos County.
17 – Receives more planted trout than any fishing spot in Coos County.
18 – Thirty acre lake located south of Bandon.
19 – Community located near the Millicoma River.
20 – Former millpond located four miles east of Coquille that now receives trout plants.
21 – Fifty acre lake located five miles south of Lakeside.
22 – Former name of Coos County’s largest city.
23-25 – Name three sloughs entering Coos Bay north of North Bend (slough portion of names omitted.
26 – Coos County’s largest city.
27 – Community located near Kentuck Slough.
28 – Largest medical employer in Coos County.
29 – Coos County seat.
1-South Tenmile Lake; 2-Bandon; 3-North Bend; 4-Mill Casino; 5-Horsfall Beach; 6-Myrtle Point; 7-Eel Creek; 8-Lakeside; 9-Charleston; 10-North Tenmile Lake; 11-Horsfall Lake; 12-Hauser; 13-Hall Lake; 14-Butterfield Lake;15-Spin Reel Park; 16-Eel Lake; 17-Empire Lakes; 18-Bradley Lake; 19-Alleghany; 20-Johnson Mill Pond; 21-Saunders Lake; 22-Marshfield; 25-Haynes, Kentuck, & Larson; 26- Coos Bay; 27-Glasgow; 28-Bay Area Hospital; 29-Coquille.

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