Bottomfish “Descenders” Now Available In Coos Bay And Winchester Bay For Free.

Steve Godin stopped by the Stockade Market in Winchester Bay to drop off some free bottomfish descenders. The number of free descenders is limited, but the price is right and they are available at a number of fishing tackle retailers in Winchester Bay, Coos Bay and Charlston.

Additional information in Steve’s own words to follow.

“The Oregon Coast Anglers has provided rigged Descenders to local tackle shops that cater to ocean all depth anglers. The descenders will be available free of charge in Winchester Bay and Coos Bay. OCA is providing them to encourage anglers to release Yelloweye Rockfish and Canary Rockfish at depths exceeding one hundred feet. Releasing these fish at depth gives them the best chance for survival. Additionally, ODF&W encourages the use of descenders and has provided additional descenders, instructions on how to use them and charts for identifying bottom fish. This year the bottom fishing boundary was moved inside twenty fathoms to protect Yelloweye Rockfish. In the ODF&W announcement, that move was attributed to Sports Anglers NOT using descenders, while fishing All Depth Halibut. So, by using descenders we improve the odds of survival of a stressed fish and our own ability to fish all depth bottom fish. If there any questions regarding the use of descenders, please call Steve Godin at 541 255 3383.

Attached is a photo of a rigged descender.

Steve Godin
Oregon Coast Anglers, President

A ready-to-use bottomfish descender

A ready-to-use bottomfish descender

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