Butterfield Lake Fishing Map

Butterfield Lake, a 25 acre lake located on the west side of Highway 101 in Coos County, is one of Oregon’s newest and most overlooked trout fisheries. Back when the lake was mostly privately owned, trout to nine pounds were hand fed near where the current dock on the lake sits. Of course, the lake has always had largemouth bass, bluegills, black crappies and a very few warmouth.

After much of the work was completed to turn the land adjacent to the southeast portion of the lake (the old Riley Arena) into a day use area and rv park, the state tried a few trout plants. The first plant didi not result in many trout catches being reported, but the lake is deep enough that they carried over fairly well.

The lake doesn’t get much fishing pressure, but still holds some uncaught planted rainbow trout, a fair population of bass to three pounds with a few larger, a seemingly shrinking population of black crappie averaging about nine inches with the largest running 11-12 inches and a fair bluegill population averaging about six inches in length, but a few that will weigh at least 12-ounces. The warmouth seldom top five inches in length.

Because of the low fishing pressure, some of the trout will remain uncaught for at least a year and adjust to eating smaller fish. The last plant, in October, consisted of trout in the 16-inch range and those that remain uncaught should be impressive fish this coming year.


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