Central Coast Spring All-Depth Halibut Season CLOSED, Not Enough Quota Remains for Additional Back-Up Days.

Spring All-Depth season—During the July 6-7 opening, total landings were 18,663 pounds. This brings the total landings for the Spring All-Depth Season to 127,774 pounds, leaving 7,968 pounds of the spring all-depth quota remaining which is not enough for any additional back-up dates to be open. Therefore, the Spring All-Depth season is CLOSED, No Additional Back-up Dates.

Weather was not cooperative on Friday, July 6, however Saturday, July 7 turned out to be pretty nice with many anglers able to get out on the ocean up and down the coast. Success varied by port with an average of approximately 50% success rate coastwide with anglers out of Depoe Bay and Newport having the highest success rate (about 60%). Coastwide the average size was approximately 29 pounds round weight per fish. For the spring all-depth season, the overall average weight was approximately 27 pounds round weight.

Summer All-Depth Season—opens August 3-4, with an initial quota of 53,866 pounds. This fishery is open every other Friday and Saturday until October 31 or the quota is caught, whichever comes first.

Nearshore Season— opened June 1, seven days per week. Through July 8 there has been a total of 8,790 pounds landed, leaving 17,066 pounds (66%) of the quota remaining. The average weight of landed fish so far this year has been approximately 30 pounds round weight. The average weight of fish landed last week were a bit smaller at approximately 25 pounds round weight.

South of Humbug Mountain subarea—there has been a total of 1,177 pounds landed. This leaves 7,805 pounds (87%) of the quota remaining. Average weight of fish landed so far has been approximately 35 pounds round weight.

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