Cleawox Lake – The 2nd Most Heavily Planted Lake On The Oregon Coast

At 82 acres and located inside Honeyman State Park (near Florence), Cleawox received nearly 18,000 rainbow trout this year – not included some unannounced plants of the largest rainbow trout and surplus steelhead.

At times, shortly after receiving a trout plant, Cleawox appears literally full of trout. This is partly because virtually all of the trout plants take place in the main part of the lake and nearly half of the lake’s surface acreage is located in a nearly two mile long narrow arm that is barely connected to the main lake by a narrow, very shallow interface that the trout do not immediately enter. This narrow arm, which has a number of homes located along its shoreline receives very little fishing pressure and actually offers better fishing than the main lake late in the season.

Very much overlooked are Cleawox’s warmwater fish species. The best fishing, if you can cast accurately, is for largemouth bass, but there are good populations of yellow perch and bluegills and some black crappies and brown bullheads also present.

Even more overlooked, is the small lake located next to the park’s RV Park (Lily Lake) which has largely ignored populations of largemouth bass and bluegills with some brown bullheads also reported.


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