Dwight Schuh 1945 – 2019.

Oregon recently lost one of its most accomplished outdoor writers with the passing of Dwight Schuh at age 73 after an eight year battle with cancer. Dwight was born in Corvallis, but was living in the Klamath Falls area when he began his outdoor writing career.

Back then, I had a weekly outdoor column in the Klamath Falls Herald and News despite not living in the area and had the pleasure of a half-day visit from Dwight and his wife Laura at my home in Gresham.  During the visit, I picked Dwight’s brain on overlooked Klamath-area fisheries including the bullhead catfish fishery on the east side of Highway 97 opposite Upper Klamath Lake that usually occurs in late February or early March when the shallow waters become noticeably warmer than the water in the big lake.

What really sticks out about our one-time meeting was how polite Dwight and Laura were and how carefully they chose their words when speaking.

Dwight, soon after, started specializing in hunting articles and then in bowhunting articles.

He became the editor of “Bowhunting Magazine” when the magazine’s founder decided to retire and picked Dwight to replace him. Dwight was the magazine’s editor for 15 years until his retirement in 2011.

Judging from the number of online comments regarding his passing, he is and will be greatly missed.

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