Fall Creek Reservoir – TV News – The Other Side of the Story

Some Eugene-area TV stations recently ran some videos regarding the severe drawdown of Fall Creek Reservoir.

While the initial headline extolling the extermination of invasive species in the reservoir had me thinking they were talking about zebra and quagga mussels I was shocked when they were talking about black crappies and largemouth bass.

It seems that salmon and steelhead smolts had a difficult time passing through the dam on their downstream migration. Fall Creek Reservoir . The reservoir has undergone severe annual drawdowns for more than a decade and the crappie and largemouth bass fisheries suffered major declines. But more than a decade ago, Fall Creek Reservoir had a highly regarded largemouth fishery and it also had an overlooked black crappie fishery for fish up to and even exceeding three pounds.

So it was difficult to listen these TV news announcers both of whom appeared to be in their 30’s gleefully announcing the extinction of the crappies and largemouth bass in Fall Creek Reservoir

The newscasters were obviously unaware that both black crappies and largemouth bass had been swimming around Lane County waters for more than 40 years before they were born.

a biologist from the ODFW office in Springfield assured me that the extermination of the crappies and bass was a byproduct of trying to help the reservoir’s outmigrating smolt find passage through the dam and the shape and bottom contours of the reservoir did not offer any havens for the reservoir’s warmwater fish. at much lower water levels.

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