Finally! Umpqua River Pinkfin Limits on Friday Morning

Limits of redtailed surfperch were taken Friday morning (May 31st) between Winchester Bay and Gardiner. Sand shrimp has been the preferred bait, but has been in short supply. Other natural baits such as clam necks and nightcrawlers have also accounted for some of the perch.

The top artificial bait has been Berkley Gulp (sandworms).

A few good catches have taken place in the afternoons, but the most consistent action has been in the very early morning – like daybreak.

Some anglers, in an attempt to make their sand shrimp last longer, often use a hardier bait like the clam necks or a piece of Berkley Gulp on the bottom hook which takes the brunt of almost all the sculpin bites.

The more successful anglers are the ones that cast to the sides or to their front when they first pull into a spot – realizing that the perch will have moved out from beneath  their boat – at least for several minutes.

The perch tend to move with the current, so if boats are catching perch in one area, move downstream a polite distance and wait for them to come to you. As for joining a big group of boats – make sure that some of them are catching fish before you do. Amidst a bunch of boats not catching fish is the last place you want to be.

Remember, the daily per person limit on surfperch is 15.

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