What advantages do the superbraid lines have over monofilament?
The superbraids have a number of features that are advantages in certain situations. They have almost zero stretch which allows better hook-setting and strike detection when one has a lot of line out. They also don’t deteriorate when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. But perhaps the best feature is that they are very thin and that allows long casts and the use of much less weight when fishing bait on the bottom where there is tidal action or current.

What conditions tend to make a lake a better nightfishing lake when it comes to bass?
Lakes with warm water, lots of boating or fishing activity during daylight hours and very clear water all seem to increase the amount of feeding bass do at night.

How can I compensate for my “sense of loss” when I catch a large female bass after she has just spawned?
One way to minimize such “feelings” is to weight your bass prior to the spawn and to measure their length after the spawn.

How come some seaperch anglers, when fishing two hooks, catch more fish when using one hook baited with a scented plastic bait and one hook baited with sand shrimp, often catch more fish than anglers fishing with sand shrimp on both hooks?
Many of the scented baits, especially Berkley Gulp products, have a very “fish-attracting” scent, but the main reason that they can improve one’s seaperch catch is that they stay on the hook and anglers fishing two hooks baited with sand shrimip often do not have bait on their hooks when they think that they do.

Why have the crappie fisheries in many western Oregon lakes deteriorated recently?
Fish populations can vary for a number of reasons, but in western Oregon, the biggest reason for subpar crappie fishing is that many lakes have recently acquired yellow perch populations and in most western Oregon lakes, the perch seem to outcompete the crappies. Reduced crappie catches in Agate Lake, Tenmile Lakes and Willow Lake can be almost entirely blamed on yellow perch.

Do fish really fight “harder” when hooked on ultralight tackle?
Not really. No matter what a fish does after being hooked, you won’t feel any more pull than the drag setting on your reel. So even when the fish is taking line, the actual pull you feel will be less than it would be on heavier tackle. However, light line can give the fish a better chance of breaking you off, or reaching weeds or snags.

What do you consider the major difference between bass and salmon anglers?
Anglers usually fish for these fish species for different reasons. Most salmon anglers intend to keep their fish and appreciate the salmon’s strong fight and good flavor (food-wise). Most bass anglers, especially the more serious ones, tend to place the most importance on actually fooling or enticing the bass into biting.

How can I ensure that my young children enjoy their initial fishing experiences?
(1) Make sure that they are warm and  comfortable.
(2) Start them off fishing for bluegills and other panfish and do so when they are likely to be biting well. Young children have very short attention spans.
(3) Downsize their gear so that they can actually handle it. A four year old has no idea where the tip of that six foot rod is and such a rod would seem very heavy to them.
(4) Make the fishing trip for them and not about what you and other adults would like to do.

What single fishing rule can most improve my catch?
Tailor your fishing strategies to the most wary fish in your area. You will be very surprised by how many “dumb” fish you will catch while doing so.

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