Great Friends in a Time of Need

A lot has happened to me in the last four weeks – both good and bad. I had a couple of strokes which affected my vision(temporarily-I hope). Counter-balancing the downturn in my health was the reinforced realization that I have some really great friends and a wonderful boss(Liz Adamo), some great co-workers in Lucy and Kimberly and a surprising number of people that managed to convince me that they sincerely appreciated what I have been doing for the last several years.

Steve Lindsley, the editor of the Umpqua Post seemed happy when I suggested I was ready to restart my weekly fishing column and Liz has suggested several times that I test myself “workwise”, but I have been waiting for the arrival of my new prescription eyeglasses-which I should have by the time you read this.

I definitely need to thank the Deaver family, (Phyllis, Art, and Taylor) who have been wonderful neighbors to the Stockade Market(where I work and were especially helpful while I was recovering. Art proved himself to be a most capable advocate seeming, at, times able to read my mind-or at least be able to place himself exactly in my shoes as I blundered about.

About Pete Heley

Writes and self-publishes Oregon and Washington fishing books.

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