Halibut Catch Statistics For Initial Three Days For Central Oregon Coast

Most of the central coast all-depth spring halibut quota remains going into the second three day opener.

Despite tough ocean and weather conditions during the first three day opener, 42,471 pounds of the 110,649 pound quota was landed – or 38 percent. 68,178 pounds or 62 percent of the quota remains. Good weather and ocean conditions could result in the entire spring quota being reached after only two three day openers.

The bad weather conditions along the southern portion of the central coast resulted in the reported catch being heavily skewed toward the northern portion of the zone.

Below, in ascending order is the poundage reported after the initial three day opener for the central Oregon coast and their percentage of the total reported catch.

FLORENCE (0 pounds – 0%)

WINCHESTER BAY (119 pounds – less than 1%)

BANDON (1,944 pounds – 4.6 %)

DEPOE BAY (2,357 pounds – 5.5 %)

CHARLSTON (2,658 pounds – 6.3 %)

GARIBALDI (6,886 pounds – 16.1 %)

NEWPORT (28,508 pounds – 67.1 %)

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