Hall Lake Fishing Report by Shawn Chase

I know you like reports so I thought I’d give you one from Hall Lake. I don’t know if the recent construction on the creek that connects Hall Lake and Eel Lake is the cause, but the bluegill from Eel Lake have made it to Hall and colonized. I was fishing with my son the other day and saw 100’s of bluegill fry cruising the shallows on the northside of the lake. There was also largemouth fry cruising nearby as well. As for the fishing, we caught smallmouth bass, there has been a small population there for at least the last 12 years, a couple of largemouth bass, and a couple of cut-throat trout. Not bad for a couple hours work. I was hoping for more trout but they all appeared to be gorging themselves on a bug hatch.

I sure hope the bluegill don’t mess up the eco system in hall lake.

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