Is the Frostbite Open on Tenmile Lakes the Official Start to Bassfishing in Oregon

Although the official results are not yet available to me, once again it took more than 20 pounds of bass to win this very popular bass tournament.

Over the years, this Tenmile Lakes bass tournament has almost always required more than a 20 pound total to win and several years back, one tournament required more than 20 pounds to finish in the top ten.

Early season bassfishing in Oregon can be extremely inconsistent, but rarely incredible good for big largemouths. Serious bass anglers know that although there may be a long time between bites, the chances of catching largemouth bass of truly lunker proportions is the best it will be all year.

Anglers that want on as many bassfishing spots in Oregon as possible should consider checking out “Oregon Bass and Panfish Guide” which covers more than 450 warmwater fishing spots. It is available for purchase on this website.

The author, Pete Heley (me) strongly feels that knowing what species of fish are in each body of water is more important than telling someone whaty to use to catch them. Knowing which other fish species are in each fishing spot should allow an angler to make a logical, intelligent decision on what lures and color patterns to use. Over the years, I have found that when giving specific advice on bassfishing strategies, the angler receiving the advice often does not fish the lure, or lures, the same way that the angler giving the advice does – and unless they are experienced anglers or very confident – they will be second guessing themselves within a few minutes.

My favorite early season bass waters tend to be shallow enough that the bass react to warm afternoons. By starting your bassfishing now, you and your fishing tackle will be ready when the fishing gets really good.

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