Mardon Resort Event Schedule

The Sand Hill Crane Festival is this weekend, March 24-26. Many exciting activities are scheduled, please visit their website for event information.
Just by taking a drive around the Royal Slope Area you can see Sand Hill Cranes and many other species of wildlife. Spring is alive and well in Central Washington.
Walleye fishing has begun in the Lind Coulee arm of Potholes Reservoir. Surface water temp’s in the upper Lind Coulee are 48 degrees. At the mouth of Frenchman’s Wasteway where it enters Potholes Reservoir the surface temps are 49 degrees. At the Crab Creek Powerline Boat Launch the surface temps are 47 degrees. Your best bet to catch a walleye right now is to fish with a blade bait.
The Beach House at MarDon Restaruant will be opening Friday, March 24th at 4pm. We are excited for some new menu items to try out and as always you can get a great cocktail or sip on a draft beer while looking out at the lake. Please call (509) 346-9688 for to go orders or to make reservations.

Upcoming Events:
April 15-16 – Potholes Open Bass Tournament
April 22 – Washington Bowfishing Shootout
May 6-7 – Spring Walleye Classic Tournament
May 20-21 – Northwest Bass Event (
May 26-29 – Memorial Day Weekend
June 2-4 – Heroes Salute Weekend Special. All police, Fire & Military stay the first night at regular rate and gwet the 2nd night free.
June 3-4 – Washington Bowfishing Championship
June 3-4 – Big Bass Trail Tournament (
June 10-11 – Free Fishing Weekend in Washington State

Oregon Free Fishing Days
April 23 and 24th
June 3rd and 4th

25 deep water habitat boxes ready to be installed in Potholes Reservoir. These boxes, by offering safer habitat to small fish, tend to ensure stable fish populations and consistent fishing.

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