Mardon Resort Hunting / fishing Report

Potholes Reservoir has over 11” of good ice. Do not ice fish near the mouth of Frenchman’s Wasteway at the Potholes State Park. Frenchman creates unsafe ice because of non-freezing moving water. The Lind Coulee is supporting ice up to 15”. Remember to pile snow around your ice hole when leaving to show other fishers where it is so they do not step in it. Do not use a chain saw to make fishing holes. The next day it will be a death trap. The MarDon Store has Ice Augers for sale, as well as, Sweedish Pimples, Airplane Jigs, Rapala Jigging Raps, Maggots and Night Crawlers.
Goose Hunting is still really great in our area. Levi of Meseberg Adventures had an interesting drive to their hunt on Wednesday of this week. Or shall I refer to it as the first day of ICE STORM 2017. After driving to a field 5 miles away in horrible conditions we finally made it to our destination. It took over an hour to drive 5 miles and a few trips in the ditch along the way. We had an exciting morning to say the least but the rest of the day was equally exciting with limit hunting with a great group of guys. I want to thank the Wes Porter Group from Bothell for braving the roads and helping get the goose trailer and truck unstuck a few times that day. We hope to see you guys again next season and we can laugh about that crazy hunt we had in January 2017.

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