Mardon Resort / Potholes Reservoir Fishing Report.

The current water level on the Potholes Reservoir is 1034.00 feet – down 1.41 feet from one week ago. The Reservoir is 2.50 feet higher this year than it was this day last year – which is affecting the walleye fishing – see below. We still have about 7.50 feet to drop – if we make it to low pool this year. The water temps in the sand dunes are in the mid to upper 80’s. The water temps on the main Reservoir are in the low 80’s.
Not much has changed this week as far as the bass fishing is concerned – it remains extremely good! Fish the sand dunes and Crab Creek – look for current – with 3/8th oz. swim jigs, Senkos, Strike King KVD 2.5 Square Bill crankbaits, and SPRO frogs. Reports of bigger bass are coming in – being caught on the face of the sand dunes in 15-25 feet of water. The Smallmouth bass are being found on the face of the dam and on the rock piles around Goose Island – as well as in the sand dunes. Fish Booyah finesse jigs, Wacky Rigged Senkos, Crankbaits, Tubes and DS Minnows for the Smallmouth.
The walleye fishing remains fair to tough – with a slight improvement in numbers caught. The water level is now 2.50’ feet higher than it was this time last year. This provides plenty of water, weeds and feed back in the dunes. The walleye do not need to move out of the weed beds to eat – or chase our baits! Run as close to the weeds as you can – even if it means cleaning weeds off here and there. Fish the West Arm and Crab Creek in 6-20 feet of water. Troll the channels and weed lines with a Slow Death Hook and a 2 oz. bottom walker and ½ a crawler in 8-15 feet. Troll from .8-1.2 miles per hour. Troll a #5 Flicker Shad or Rapala Shad Rap in the channels and next to the weed beds at 1.5 – 2.5 miles per hour. Now is a good time to jig or drop-shot the weed-lines as well.
Not many folks fishing for trout this past week. Best bet is to fish in front of Medicare Beach to the Mouth of Crab Creek and in front of the State Park. Troll Wicked Lures Trout Killers, Needlefish spoons, #7 Flicker Shads and Shad Raps at 2.5 -3.0 mph. Set the drag light as the average trout is 2-5 pounds and can break the line on the initial strike.
The Channel Cat and Bullhead fishing continues to extremely productive this week. Use Catfish Magic Bait, Berkley Catfish Nuggets, and worms on the bottom for both. Fish up Lind Coulee, the mouth of Frenchman’s Wasteway and in the sand dunes for Channel Cats and Bullhead.
The Crappie and Bluegill fishing continues to improve as the water level drops. Fish the mouth of Crab Creek, the face of the dunes, the channels in the dunes and up the Lind Coulee. Fish – Gulp Alive minnows, Trout Magnets, #5 Flicker Shads and Bobby Garland Baby Shads around the willows & weed-lines for Crappie, Bluegill. We have had a surprising uptick in reports of perch being caught – both quantity and quality. Most are caught by walleye anglers who locate them by trolling, then anchor up and fish worms.
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Terri Lynn Kassik Snider and her Neice-in-law, Alicia Kassik of MarDon Resort had a great day of fishing on the Potholes Reservoir catching a mixed bag of Walleye, Bluegill, Bass, Crappie, Bullhead and Trout!

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