Mardon Resort / Potholes Reservoir Recreation Report.

The current water level on the Potholes reservoir is slowly rising to the 1044.0-foot – up slightly from last week. The water temps back in the sand dunes are running in the low to mid-50’s with high temp of 57degrees. The water temps on the main Reservoir remain in the mid 40’s.

The largemouth fishing back in the sand dunes continues to be very good – find the warmest water you can. Throw Black & Blue Punch Rigs, Structure Jigs, swim jigs, and spinnerbaits. The fish are ranging from 3-6+ pounds. Several reports of nice smallmouth being caught in the sand dunes are coming in. 

Walleye fishing remains slow yet – but should improve soon as they finish spawning. Trout are being caught off Medicare Beach both from shore and by boat. Bank fisherman are using Power Bait, worms and marshmallows, a 12-18” leader, and a 1/8-1/4 oz. egg sinker above the swivel. Boat anglers are trolling Needlefish spoons, #7 Flicker Shads and shallow running Rapalas.

No reports on Perch, Crappie or Bluegill yet – off the MarDon dock or out in the main Reservoir. We only need a week or two of the good weather to get the panfish going.

Be sure you check the WDFW regulations before heading out. The regulations have changed on many of the lakes in the Columbia Basin Wildlife Refuge. We really don’t have the March 1 or April 1 opener this year. Most non-year around lakes in the Refuge have changed to the 4thSaturday in April opener. The year around lakes appear to have remained the same – open. Just double check!

The WDFW has produced a great app that allows you to check the current regulations on any body of water in Washington. Go to the app store and download it to your phone. It is interactive and a very useful tool.

The fishing is improving daily – call the MarDon Tackle Store for the latest fishing info at 509-346-2651.

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