Mission Accomplished, I Think?

I am quite proud (and pleased) to announce that last week (July 13th) my fishing website, peteheley.com, finally surpassed one million visitors. There have been numerous “stumbles” in the last 5+ years, but the biggest one was a stroke I suffered five years ago.

There have also been many web site glitches, but they have always been promptly handled my my site’s administrator, Teri Volk of Lakeside (Volks-Web) – who usually only charges me a rather lengthy “scold-lecture” whenever I goof up.

The site is totally free and “content-wise” is a one man operation. Although there is a lot of work involved, enough people drop by the Stockade Market in Winchester Bay (where I work part-time) to thank me for doing my blog to ensure that I keep doing it.

My main goal is dispensing fishing information and I hope that I am successful at doing exactly that.

Keep fishing – and thank you!

Pete Heley

About Pete Heley

Writes and self-publishes Oregon and Washington fishing books.

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