New 2017 Recreational Bottomfish Season Regulations.

NEW-Descending Devices Mandatory

Any vessel fishing for, or possessing, bottomfish in the ocean must have a functional descending device onboard, and use when releasing any rockfish outside of 30 fathoms. Functional descending device means one that is ready to be used. There are a variety of commercially available descending devices, ranging in price from $5 to $60. Additionally some anglers have developed homemade devices. More information on rockfish recompression and descending devices can be found at:

Bottomfish Season Structure

The recreational bottomfish (groundfish) season is scheduled to be the same as the last several years, with fishing allowed at all depths January 1-March 31 and October 1 –December 31. April 1- September 30 will be restricted to fishing shoreward (or inside) of the 30 fathom regulatory line. The seasonal depth restriction is in place to limit impacts to yelloweye rockfish. Cabezon will once again be open July 1- December 31 with a 1 fish sub-bag limit.

Bag Limits or Sub-Bag limits

Marine fish (rockfish, greenlings, etc) remains at 7 fish per day

Sub-bag limits

NEW—6 black rockfish; out of the 7 fish marine bag, no more than 6 may be black rockfish
NEW—4 blue/deacon, China, copper, or quillback rockfish combined
1 cabezon, during open season (July 1- December 31)
NEW—Removed the canary rockfish sub-bag limit; part of the regular 7 fish bag limit
In large part due to the conservation measures by all fishery sectors for the last 14 years, canary rockfish was declared rebuilt in 2015 based on a federal stock assessment. This allows for additional harvest. ODFW will continue to monitor catches of canary rockfish to make sure the Oregon recreational quota of 75 mt is not exceeded. For reference, the quota in 2016 was approximately 12 mt.
Lingcod remains 2 fish per day
Flatfish species, other than Pacific halibut, remains at 25 fish per day. Notes skates and rays are not “flatfish”, they fall under the 7 fish marine bag limit.
To assist anglers with these bag and sub-bag limits ODFW has updated the handout titled “What can I keep and how many?” available for download by clicking on here. It is intended to be a visual aid to assist anglers.

Length Limits

Lingcod minimum length = 22 inches
Cabezon minimum length = 16 inches
NEW—Greenling minimum length – removed

Additional information can be found on the ODFW recreational bottomfish webpage or by calling the Marine Resources Program at 541-867-4741

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