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Geese photographed on the ice line on Potholes Reservoir.

Geese photographed on the ice line on Potholes Reservoir.

Now a new chapter begins in the Potholes Recreation Area with waterfowl hunting season coming to an end and we are seeing waterfowl hunters turning into coyote hunters and walleye fishing as a different hobby this time of year.

Boaters are using blade baits and swim jigs for walleye at the face of the sand dunes and the mouth of Lind Coulee.  Almost all of the seep lakes below O’Sullivan Dam are open all year.  Warden Lake and the lakes on the Columbia National Refuge are not open until April 2014.  Any place on Frenchman’s, Winchester, or the Lind Coulee Wasteway with moving water and especially small water falls may hold a lunker trout.

What excites me about the 2014 season the most is that “the perch are back” in Potholes Reservoir.  Plus crappie fishing continues to improve in numbers with several age classes showing increased numbers.  It’s hot like the 60’s and 70’s before Mount St. Helens erupted and fishing for Perch is the best it has been in two decades.   Trout action at Medicare Beach is just beginning for bank fishers and it will only improve as our surface water temperatures warm up.

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