Nonselective Ocean Coho Update.

The good news is the ODFW did the right thing and increased the 3,500 coho quota to 7,600 – an increase of 117 percent. The bad news is that if they had not done that, the 2,739 coho salmon caught and kept in the ocean would have represented more than 78 percent of the original quota.

The additional 4,100 cohos addes to the original nonselective quota was derived through a complex ODFW formula on the 23,370 cohos that were left of the 35,000 finclipped coho quota for the ocean coho season that ended September 3rd. It seems that each finclipped coho left from that quota translated to .175 salmon in the current season.

But even a little bit helps and the added cohos allow the season to extend through September 14th and 15th and possibly the following Friday and Saturday.

Charleston was the “hottest” port during the first two-day opener of the nonselective coho season with .87 retained salmon per angler-trip.

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