OCA Meeting Report From Steve Godin.

OCA Members and Friends,

We had a great turnout for the ODF&W 2018 Recreational Halibut Regulations Public Input Meeting in North Bend, standing room only. The support for my proposal for an alternative quota based on ten year’s Catch Estimate Data (attached) was overwhelming. This approach will provide the South Coast Central anglers more opportunity than the three alternatives proposed by ODF&W. So, we had great support at a well attended meeting in North Bend.

I listened to the Webinar for last evenings meeting in Newport. ODF&W mentioned the alternative proposal for using the ten year average. Of course there was no support for that in Newport. In fact the attendees supported Alternative 1c, which would give the South Coast Central Area a 7% quota. Many of them were in favor of not splitting the Central Area at all.

So, we have one more chance to support the alternative proposal. ODF&W is taking input on these proposals until October 2nd. They have an on line survey, that doesn’t include this proposal. We can show support for the alternative with a write in campaign. This is very easy to do. First, don’t go on line and take the survey. Select REPLY and COPY this address su.ro.etatsnull@remmoseiggam into To. Add your name under Sincerely. Please, add any additional thoughts you feel pertinent. Next and most important, delete all the information I’ve typed above and below to and including my name. SEND.

We can get even more support, if you forward this request to all your friends. If you have questions, reply to me, or call 541 255 3383.

Good Fishing,

Dear Maggie,

I did not take the on line survey regarding 2018 Recreational Halibut Regulations. I’m contacting you directly, because I support the alternative proposal made at the North Bend meeting to use the ten year average Catch Estimate Data to establish the Halibut Quota for the South Coast Central Area. I also support adjusting the South Coast Central quota based on the previous year’s Halibut catch results. I feel this alternative will result in a fair Halibut quota for South Coast anglers.

Steve Godin

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