ODFW Update – Bottomfishing Clarifications.

Due to recent inseason changes in regulations, there have been a number of questions about what the current bottomfish rules are. Here are some clarifications:

Yelloweye rockfish remain prohibited at all times and in all waters.
China, copper, and quillback rockfish are prohibited for the remainder of the year.
Cabezon are prohibited for the remainder of the year when fishing from a boat.
The recreational bottomfish fishery is open to all-depths as of September 3.
Anglers participating in the summer all-depth halibut fishery can have both halibut and bottomfish (including lingcod) on the same trip.
Anglers participating in the nearshore halibut fishery can continue to retain bottomfish (including lingcod) and halibut on the same trip, but halibut cannot be onboard the vessel outside of the 40 fathom regulatory line.
The offshore longleader fishery regulations remain the same, no halibut or other bottomfish (lingcod) are allowed.
Descending devices must be onboard vessels fishing for bottomfish or halibut, and must be used when releasing rockfish seaward of the 30 fathom line

For additional information please see the sport bottomfish webpage

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