Oregon Coast Anglers Need Volunteers.

This is the status of our upcoming events. Last Wednesday May 15th, a few us helped clip fish at the Gardiner STEP Hatchery. We clipped the Chinook Salmon that came from the Reedsport Elementary School aquariums and the Rainbow Trout that were raised at the hatchery. Many thanks for those who helped clip fish. Next up is tomorrow May 22nd, roughly 30,000 Chinook Salmon must be clipped. Depending on how many volunteers help, it may be possible to clip all those fish. If not, more volunteers will be needed on Thursday, May 23rd, when the remaining fish would be clipped. I encourage all OCA members to help with clipping fish. Clipping will start at approximately 8:30 AM, and I recommend you bring a high stool for your comfort. The clipping stations are set at waist height, so a high stool would give you the option of sitting.

So far no one has volunteered to walk along in the parade next to the OCA entry, and hand out candy. If we have a veteran, who can wear their uniform, you would have a place of honor on Gary and Julie Palmer’s boat. Please contact me, if you would like help out.

June 2nd ODFW Free Fishing Day at Lake Marie will be special this year. The addition of trout held in a net for kids to catch is a big deal. Fish will be caught and there will be a lot of happy excited children. The netted fishing area is only possible, because OCA volunteers set it up. You can read below what is needed. I would like as many OCA members, who are available to be there helping on June 2nd. The net will be installed on June 1st, and will need to be removed after the event is over, waders needed.

Thanks for your support,

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