Oregon Marine Fishing Openers and Closures

The last day of the nonselective ocean coho season is Friday, September 21st. Obviously, this one day opener in the middle of what normally would be a three day opener (Thursday through Saturday) confused many anglers – many of which hopefully escaped getting ticketed for keeping coho salmon on Thursday. Since the announcement bulletins were received late Wednesday, many  anglers undoubtedly fished on Thursday without up-to-date information.

Anglers received some good news recently with the reopening of the inshore halibut fishery this coming September 24th (Monday). The quota is a meager 4,700 pounds, so anglers should plan on the quota being filled well before the projected October 31st closure. Many of these inshore halibut will be taken incidentally by salmon anglers trolling herring very close to the bottom or making sharp turns which allow their baits to hit the bottom.

Bottomfishing will once again become legal on October 1st in waters deeper than 30 fathoms (180 feet).

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