Pete Heley Outdoors – 11/26/2014

The Umpqua River should have fair numbers of winter steelhead in it below Elkton.  Now that it’s winter, It will be important to keep track of water levels and clarity. This week’s rain will put lots of salmon and a few steelhead in the Elk, Sixes anf Floras Creek, but expect the Elk and Sixes to be very crowded. Both of these streams recover fairly quickly from heavy rains, but the Elk will recover the quickest.

A few anglers are hedging their bets at Tenmile Lakes by bassfishing with spinnerbaits or colorful crankbaits. This tactic is fine but violates the intent of the salmon regulations for Tenmile which prohibits salmon fishing in the channel connecting North and South Tenmile lakes during October, November and December.

A rare crappie was caught last week from the fishing dock at the county park on South Tenmile Lake and a few coho salmon have been caught near Lakeside Marina where Tenmile Creek leaves South Tenmile Lake.

Don’t forget to report your hunt results no later than Jan. 31, 2015 for most hunts. Report online or by phone (1-866-947-6339).

Hunters need to complete a report for each deer, elk, cougar, bear, turkey and pronghorn tag purchased (or picked up as part of a Sports Pac) — even if they didn’t hunt or weren’t successful. Deer and elk hunters who don’t report will have to pay a $25 fine to get a 2016 hunting license.

With the arrival of colder air temperatures, fishing pressure on on virtually all fish species has undergone a major dropoff. Some of the options that are being ignored are: ocean bottomfishing; fishing the surf for redtailed surfperch; fishing the jetty for bottomfish; fishing for largemouth bass and yellow perch at Tenmile lakes or fishing for planted trout at Saunders or Empire lakes.

Diamond Lake is a possibility for ice fishing. Make sure to check at the resort for ice thickness. The best conditions for ice formation is cold temperatures and minimal winds.

Saunders and Empire lakes were last stocked with trout in early October and many, if not most of the trout have been caught, but there should be enough to merit a fishing trip for an optimistic angler. Eel and Tenmile lakes which have native, carryover and searun trout might be a better bet.

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