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If you are someone who consistently waits until the last minute (or even later) to purchase holiday gifts, as I usually do, gift choices may be limited. I usually opt for gifts that might not be greatly appreciated at first, but remind the gift recipient of you several times during the following year. I am, of course, talking about magazine subscripions – and there are some good ones that will be much appreciated by the “outdoorsy” person. Here are some good choices.

Northwest Sportsman Magazine – The best way to purchase this magazine is online – so it’s a great gift choice for outdoor sportsmen who aren’t computer “geeks” and may not be able to purchase it on their own. A yearly subscripion of 12 issues costs $19.99. A two year subscription  costs $39.95 – a savings of only three cents when compared to two one year subscriptions, but the $49.95 cost for a three year subscription is a savings of $10.02 over three one year subscriptions. But more important than the magazine’s cost is the fact that each issue is absolutely loaded with hunting and fishing information about the Pacific Northwest.

In-Fisherman Magazine – My all-time favorite fishing magazine comes out eight times per year and one needs to be careful when subscribing as several different subscription prices are available – all of which offer substantial savings over the single issue cost. The magazine is packed with fishing  info and quotes more scientific studies than other fishing magazines. 

Field & Stream Magazine – A very popular outdoor recreation magazine since 1895, a one year subscription (6 issues) costs less than $9.00 and is a savings of 75 percent compared to the single issue price. A word of caution – the magazine is available to read for free at most libraries. Most subscriptions come with an “outdoorsy” gift.

Outdoor Life Magazine – A major rival of Field & Stream since 1898, a one year subscription (4 issues) costs $10.00 which is almost the same as the single issue price. Most subscriptions come with at least one “outdoorsy” gift. But like Field & Stream, Outdoor Life can be read for free at most municipal libraries.

Western Outdoor News – This very informative weekly outdoor newspaper costs about 40.00 for a one year subscription. There are several editions  and the closest edition to Oregon is for Northern California, which also covers southern Oregon. Subscribers for one edition also have computer access to all digital editions.

Since the initial issue of most magazine subscriptions does not arrive for at least a month, a nice way to present the such gifts is to include a current issue purchased from a newstand, if possible – with a card announcing the upcoming gift.

Subscriptions do not have to be limited to magazines or newspapers. There are some interesting tacklebox subscriptions available for less than $20.00 per month that can be purchased in varying monthly lengths by paying up front.

Lucky Tacklebox – I subscibed to “Lucky Tacklebox for well over two years. Although my initial subscription was only for six months, it was automatically renewed several times. However the value of the lure packages I received was such that the automatic lure renewals did not bother me. I finally stopped my suscription by cancelling the debit card I was paying for it with.

Mystery Tacklebox – Currently the most popular of the monthly subscription tackleboxes with several different lure packages targeting different fish species.

Secret Tacklebox – The newest rival among the monthly subscription tackleboxes and like the others, the value of each month’s lure package is about half the retail value of the lures included.

A little computer work doing internet searches will turn up even more “longlasting” gift possibilities.

If someone close to you is into flyfishing, you might consider treating them to a day’s fishing at one of Oregon’s fee fishing lakes. These lakes and ponds tend to be smaller waters that are sprinfed and very rich and are invariably catch and release flyfishing only.

A word of caution when considering buying a gift for a serious hunter or angler – forget the surprise factor and ask what the intended gift recipient would actually prefer to receive. If you don’t get their “feedback”, you will almost certainly disappoint them with a gift they won’t use or be happy with. 

Usually ODFW licenses and tags are good holiday gift choices, but this year might be the year to temporarily delay such purchases until the new licensing system system is running more smoothly. 

Pete Heley works parttime at the Stockade Market & Tackle, across from A’ Dock, in Winchester Bay where he is more than happy to swap fishing info with anyone.

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