Potholes Reservoir / Mardon Resort Recreation Report

Looking back at the 2014/15 waterfowl hunting season it has been one of the best years yet! The Potholes Recreation Area offers hunters a fine local duck population to enjoy. They have been doing waterfowl, duck counts since 1955 up north. In 2012 they reported the most ducks ever counted. Every year after the count exceeded the year before ending with 2014 being the most every counted to date. Waterfowl hunters can look back and enjoy the memories of this past season and start to count down the days to October 2015 for the next season to begin.

Fishers are using blade baits fishing 22 to 64 feet of water to catch these monster walleyes

, your odds are good to also catch some nice perch fishing at these depths as well. This week swim baits have produced casting and using a slow retrieve method. We are seeing the aggressive pre-spawn perch as big as 12 inches long. Jig fishers are using Whistle Pigs tipped with a night crawler.

Seep lakes trout action already has begun. Many of the seep lakes are open year round on the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. Mitch Childress reported that his weekend his son landed a 4 pound trout on his first cast.

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Cash Brown and Mason Meseberg enjoyed a Royal Slope Goose Hunt the last week of the season.

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