Recreational Halibut Update Through May 26

Halibut Update through May 26

Columbia River Subarea

All-Depth—Through the May 24 and May 26 opening, 14,453 pounds were landed, leaving 174 pounds remaining, not enough for additional open days. Therefore, this fishery has closed.

Nearshore—there have been no landings in the Columbia River Subarea nearshore fishery yet. Quota = 500 lbs.

Central Oregon Coast Subarea

Spring All-Depth season— through the 3rd opener, May 23-25, the total landings are 33,280 pounds (1,125 pounds landed during the May 23-25 opening). This leaves 137,823 pounds or 81% of the spring all-depth quota remaining. The remaining “fixed” openings are May 30-June 1 and June 6-8.

The weather for the last two openings was not good resulting in little effort or landings. For those few that did venture out, fishing was reported to be okay, with average success rate of approximately 70%. Coastwide the average size was 20-21 pounds round weight per fish so far this year, with last week’s average being somewhat smaller at 17-18 pounds round weight.

Summer All-Depth Season—opens August 2-3, if quota remaining, can be open every other Friday and Saturday. Quota = 67,898 lbs.

Nearshore Season— opens June 1, seven days per week. Quota = 32,591 lbs. Reminder that on days when the all-depth fishery is also open, such as June 1 and June 4-6, the all-depth fishery regulations apply, regardless of what depth is fished. This means that most bottomfish species may not be retained when halibut are onboard the vessel.

South of Humbug Mountain subarea—there has been a total of 265 pounds landed, 0 pounds landed last week. This leaves 11,057 pounds (99 %) of the quota remaining.

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