Remembering “Don Roberts”?

Trying to recall memories of anything that happened five decades ago can be frustrating, but when I graduated from North Bend High School in 1966 and attended Southwestern Oregon Community College for two years the best source of fishing information on Millicoma River Shad and Coos Bay striped bass was a small tackleshop located on the right side of Highway 101 as one leaves Coos Bay traveling south.

I believe the shop owner’s name was Don or Bill Roberts and his wife’s name was Lola.

When I first visited the shop, the Millicoma River had an excellent shad fishery and Coos Bay had a globally-recognized striped bass fishery – and Mr. Roberts was an excellent source of info on both fisheries.

I also remember when Don and Lola were mentioned in the “Salmon-Trout-Steelheader” for their excellent catches when fishing eastern Oregon’s Malheur Reservoir. They were also mentioned in the Oregon fishing guide published by Hennings.

But I will always remember Don for giving me fishing advice early in my fishing career – when I could most use it.

Don Roberts with some Millicoma River shad.

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