Request for voluntary avoidance of copper, quillback, and china rockfish in the recreational bottomfish fishery.

ODFW requests angler cooperation in reducing catch of copper, quillback, and china rockfish by not targeting them. Retention of these species remains legal at this time, however, anglers are encouraged to release them if they are not injured.

ODFW is making this request because the 2019 recreational harvest guideline for these species has been reached. No inseason regulatory action is being taken at this time because enough pounds remain unused in other fisheries coastwide. It may become necessary to prohibit retention of these three species at some point, for the remainder of 2019. Reducing catch through voluntary measures can help postpone this possibility.

Black rockfish are the most common species in recreational bottomfish catches. In 2019, overall catch is lower than anticipated, and there is no danger of reaching the quota for black rockfish, which would cause the entire bottomfish fishery to close.

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